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This is Randall Via

I’m serving 1,214 years in Red Onion State Prison, Virginia for capital murder. I am in prison, but I’m not a prisoner. I’ve learned how to be free, even on the inside. In my podcast, I’ll tell you how you can change for the better too, in prison or not. Along the way, I’m hoping I’ll be able to entertain you.

Listen to my podcast and send me your comments and questions. I'll try to respond them in an upcoming episode.

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Latest Episode

Episode 28: Interfaith Action for Human Rights: Gay Gardner Interview

Randy introduces an interview with Gay Gardner from IAHR -- Interfaith Action for Human Rights -- a Washington DC-based organisation that advocates and educates to minimise the use of solitary confinement and other unnecessarily harsh practices.
When Randy faced a major health challenge, Gay helped get him treated. But even while undergoing medical assessment Randy found himself subjected to more harsh and unnecessary punishment.