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Randy launches his first children’s story: Elise and the Magic Well.

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Life in a Supermax Prison

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This is Randall Via

I’m serving 1,214 years for capital murder in Red Onion State Prison, Virginia. I am in prison, for sure, but I’m not a prisoner. I’ve learned how to be free, even here on the inside. In my podcast, I’ll tell you how you can change for the better too, in prison or not. Along the way, I plan to give you an insider’s view of a supermax, and hope to entertain you too.

Listen to my podcast and send me your comments and questions. I’ll try to respond in an upcoming episode. You can also check out my Twitter @redonionrandy

Latest Episode

Episode 104: Anger and Forgiveness

In this first episode of the new season, Randy responds to listener Mikayla’s questions. How does he manage anger, she wants to know. Does solitary confinement work? Who are his friends? 

To put your questions to Randy, call toll free on + 1-888-524-1932.

Red Onion Randy features the life and times of Randall Via, who is currently serving 1,214 years in Red Onion State Prison for capital murder. Directed and produced by Michael Garbutt. Field and development producer, Paulie “Guinness” Doyle. Website and podcast design by Nishant Pandav. Sound editing and music by Julia Jooyeon Park. Title music by Joni Park and Julia Jooyeon Park.