Ask Randy

Ask Randy

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Randy’s responses

Have you ever been in love?

I thought that I was. However looking back with the help of wisdom and hindsight I now realize that I was in love with the idea of being in love. She was a good woman in just about every way, unfortunately she allowed broken relationships from her past to destroy what we could have built together. She couldn’t get out of her own way and it smashed me in the wreckage.

How’d you end up being sent to prison for life, where did you commit capital murder?

I committed my crime in Greene county in the state of Virginia. In the U.S.A. As to how I came to prison, it’s because my parents and legal guardians never took the time to teach me how to think for myself. And because I didn’t know how to think, I just reacted and lashed out at life instead of responding to life. A boy reacts to a situation, a man responds to a situation. That’s the difference between boys and men.

What sort of reactions are you getting from the other inmates and guards about your podcast? And will the inmates be able to listen to it?

The other inmates think it’s cool and seem to be happy that I have this opportunity. Prison officials not so much, they’re concerned that I will try to use this platform to tell where all the bodies are buried. In a manner of speaking that is. However, that’s not my goal nor my desire. My podcast is about letting the world know who I am. It’s about telling my story so that it helps other’s so they don’t make the same mistakes that I made. And to give people who have never been locked up a glimpse into the world of prison. No, other inmates will not be able to access my podcast.

How important is relaxation (of body, mind and heart) in prison? How do you find pockets or moments to relax? What do you do to relax? Does the prison offer you or others places or practices to help you relax? 

The art of relaxation is vital if a prisoner wants to rehabilitate themselves and overcome the thoughts and wrong beliefs that lead them to prison in the first place. They need to learn to relax so that they can let go of the stuff that triggers their violent reactions. You find pockets or moments by either going outside and finding a spot on the rec yard where nobody else is, or you ask your cellie to give you the cell for an hour or two. I relax by closing my eyes and visualizing myself walking through a forest or the mountains. I also create fantasy world’s, characters and stories in my head. The prison doesn’t offer any relaxation exercises or anything else. Check out my upcoming forest visualisation podcast episode so you can join me on a walk.

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