Episode 53: Killer in the Jungle

Randy’s been transferred to a general population unit at Red Onion. It’s a jungle full of threats and lurking dangers. There’s so much on the line, so much Randy could lose if he’s forced to fight. His friend Pitt, who lives on the pod, has put the word out: “He is a killer. Mess with Randy, and he’ll eat ya up.”  But will that be enough to help Randy avoid a confrontation with the gangbangers? Pray for me, says Randy. 

Red Onion Randy features the life and times of Randall Via, who is currently serving 1,214 years in Red Onion State Prison for capital murder. Directed and produced by Michael Garbutt. Website and podcast design by Nishant Pandav. Sound editing and music by Julia Jooyeon Park. Title music by Joni Park and Julia Jooyeon Park.

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