Episode 57: Lockdown

Since Covid-19, people everywhere have become familiar with the experience of lockdowns, but a lockdown in Red Onion is an altogether different thing.  This week, Randy’s just come out of a two-day lockdown after an inmate got drunk. That was a short one. Lockdowns can go on for weeks. You’re confined to your cell 24/7.  For Randy, in his single cell, it’s solitary confinement all over again. And to make matters worse, the COs carry out ‘shakedowns’ — cell searches and strip searches — looking for contraband. .

Red Onion Randy features the life and times of Randall Via, who is currently serving 1,214 years in Red Onion State Prison for capital murder. Directed and produced by Michael Garbutt. Website and podcast design by Nishant Pandav. Sound editing and music by Julia Jooyeon Park. Title music by Joni Park and Julia Jooyeon Park.

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