Episode 111: An Emotional Pressure Cooker

In another call-in episode, Dustin wants to know how Randy deals with intense emotions such as sadness and anger while incarcerated. 

If you have a question for Randy, you can leave him a message on our toll-free line (+) 1-888 524 1932. You can also check him out on Twitter @redonionrandy.

Red Onion Randy features the life and times of Randall Via, who is currently serving 1,214 years in Red Onion State Prison for capital murder. Directed and produced by Michael Garbutt. Field and development producer, Paulie Doyle. Website and podcast design by Nishant Pandav. Sound editing and music by Julia Jooyeon Park. Title music by Joni Park and Julia Jooyeon Park.

One reply on “Episode 111: An Emotional Pressure Cooker”


you made a comment in episode 111.
about controlling emotion.

when you have an issue with someone you said.

am I going to kill this man over it .
and the answer comes back ,” no ”
then I realized how easy it is to walk away .
normally I will let things escalate . but now I can just walk away . and deal with it in a better way .
I am referring to a neighbor I have got into it with and was close doing something I would regret .

good luck going forward.

James in Canada

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